10 Stages Of Liking Someone When You’re The Type Of Person Who Builds Up Walls

OHMYGOD. You took the words right out my mouth! HAHAHA

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27 and single. I don’t scramble to find a plus one when I see a wedding invitation. I don’t worry what my family will say when I don’t bring someone to Christmas dinner. I try not to make a habit of becoming too close. To say I have become used to being just me is an understatement. Every once in a while, though, there comes a time when I meet someone and the unthinkable happens —I start to let down those walls I have so proudly built up. This is what you do to me.
  1. Annoying. I become that girl. I don’t stop talking about you and finding different ways to bring you up in conversation. That time you told me I was weird, but you like weird. My friends heard allllll about it. I hung on your every word.
  2. Admittance. I start to tell you things…

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